Saturday, November 13, 2010

Maya's Bowtique

    If you have a beautiful little lady in your life or just love hair accessories you should go to Maya's Bowtique's. Maya is a stay at home mama who is expanding her hair accessories business everyday. I am very happy to know Maya, she is a wonderful mother and great friend. Her mix of colors and designs on her accessories are simply wonderful. 
 Maya's Bowtique @ ETSY
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Poker Headband

Maya also makes tutu's 

Mouse clippie
 1) Favorite color combo for your bows?
          Brown and pink
2) Greatest accomplishment?
          My children
3) What's the perfect date?
          Dinner and movie...without kids
4) Thing you can't live without as a parent?
5) Best thing about being a mommy?
         Seeing my kids grow and learn
6) Favorite movie?
         I have so many. Just Friends is one of them
7) Advice for mom's?
        It's okay to put yourself on timeout if you need it
8) Best dessert?
       Hmmm. I love all desserts. I don't pick favorites when it comes to sugar.
9) Best memory of this year?
       Having my baby girl
10) Best thing about having your own business? 
       Being able to work in my pajama's while my kids nap or eat.
11) Greatest memory at Long's?
      Quitting! Just kidding. All the friends I made, I have good memories of all the laughs I had with my fellow employees
12) Best childhood memories?
      Traveling with my parents to great places
13) Best childhood toy?
      American girl dolls
14) What do you want to do when you grow up?
      Haven't decided yet
15) Favorite book to read to your children?
     Again to many to choose just one. Frog and toad, Noisy Nora, and Go! Dog Go!

Maya's bows also look amazing on guys

My daughter loves hers


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