Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Don't you miss being a kid?? I sure as hell do and I also miss the awesome things that were part of my generation. I admit I often go on ebay and try and find these things to buy just to give me a comfort feeling of my childhood, and to show my children the wonderful toys and movies I loved as a kid

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fun Holiday Crafts

Here are some amazing Holiday Crafts:

Here are some fun Gift Tags!!!

How to make a Mini Tinsel Tree

Hot Air Balloon Ornament
Skunk Boy Creatures

Mistletoe Headband

Pink Suede Shoe

Handmade Snow Globes
Well Worn

Merry Grinchmas

Here are some of my favorite Holiday Songs. ENJOY!!!

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Places to stay: THE SHADY DELL!!

        If you are ever near Bisbee, Arizona, this is the place to stay. Shady Dell is an inviting, retro trailer homes where you can stay for a couple of days. The Shady Dell has been open since the 1920's and was a very popular place to stay when route 66 and 80 were the golden highways. Bisbee is also a very eclectic town with mining history, museums, and old historic charm.
A 1940s Airstream

Big Pimpin' on a Yaht

I like it because of the pretty lights

Nostalgia at it's finest

Very Earthy makes me want to eat hummus and wear Birkenstock
I have never been to Shady Dell but it is a definite on my bucket list. I have found a bunch of quirky places to visit in Arizona and tend to show you more, if you know any please send me info.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010



Hanging out with her prince!!!


MLP + Blythe= BESTIES!!!



Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Someone please, please take me to New York ( I hope he comes to San Francisco)

Pretty nails love the butterfly design


Cutest Rice Krispy Treats might make them for my daughter's birthday


Monday, December 13, 2010

Dara: Muffin Master!!!

SORRY!! It's been a long time, moving into a new place!! My friend Dara is our blogs guest. Dara is a longtime friend who has blossomed into a beautiful housewife and an amazing cook. Dara is also a blogster which shows her amazing life in Arizona with her new husband and kitties. I am very pleased that Dara has taken the time to show pictures and recipes on how to make crepes (Oh la la) a great French dish.

Crepes- makes about 12
1 c. all purpose flour
1 tbs sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 c. milk
1/3 c. water
3 eggs
3 tbs unsalted butter, melted

1) Combine the flour, sugar, and salt in a food processor (I use a hand mixer) and process briefly
2) With the motor running, add the milk, water, eggs and butter. Process until smooth.
3) Heat heavy 7 inch nonstick skillet until quite hot (really hot). Pour in 3 tbs (I don't measure), then quickly tilt the pan so batter spreads evenly. Cook until light brown (bubbles on top- gets brown on the bottom) 30-45 seconds, flip and cook for an additional 15-30 seconds.

Separate with waxed paper and wrap in plastic and refrigerate leftovers (i don't separate them, but they do stick together a bit)
P.s. the first one usually needs to be tossed unless you VERY lightly grease the pan right before pouring the batter in. A butter wrapper is usually has just enough greasing power left on it.


Bon Appetite

Crepe in the pan




Mmmm I want!!

On the flipside

Almost done

Spill! On aisle 3 
 15 Questions:

How’s the married life?
Married life is great. From the first week (or perhaps moment) we were together we knew that we’d get married, raise babies and grow old together, so married hasn’t really changed our perception of our relationship. However, I think the major thing that makes it exciting and special for us is our new place. Neither of us ever had a place all to ourselves without parents or roommates before we got married and now we’ve got a great big condo that we don’t have to share with anyone but each other. I love waking up next to my best friend, falling asleep with him, spending our days together, playing our music as loud as we’d like, watching movies at supper if we want to, and enjoying our little kitty children and knowing that this is all forever. Not until death do we part, we’re in this forever and ever!

Your favorite food to make?
Hmm, that’s a tricky one. There are lots of foods I like, and lots that I like making, and quite a few that I’m determined to perfect, but there’s only really one thing I could say I love to make.
I love making casseroles, there’s something that speaks to me about a cheesy gooey conglomeration of ingredients that all work together in one big dish. Casseroles are easy for me, they’re hearty, they feel like home and they fill our bellies. Oh and they ALWAYS need cheese, so that’s just perfection in my eyes!

Greatest accomplishment?
Definitely graduating college. I hated college. I hated almost every moment, almost every paper, I just wasn’t much of a college kid and it was really hard to stick with it. I would have much preferred going to beauty school, running away into the sunset and living on a beach and doing nothing for the rest of my life, or something else fun, whimsical and exciting. Not sitting in a classroom listening to someone drone on about the same thing that my other teacher talked about earlier in the day. It seemed to repetitive, so nonsensical, as though the things I was learning were already obsolete and thus not going to actually help me get anywhere. Regardless I did it and I never thought I would or could, and now it’s done and I don’t ever have to go back if I don’t want to… but I might go to grad school, because you know there isn’t anything really going on in my life and I’m not using my degree, so maybe if I have two of them they’ll be more helpful, perhaps my degrees will make friends and start working for me! Here’s hoping =)

Favorite book?
That one definitely has no answer. I love reading but thanks to multiple concussions in my life I can’t ever clearly remember why I’ve loved books, so whatever the most recent book I’ve loved will always be my favorite based solely on my ability to remember it. Otherwise I’d have to say In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak. I loved that book so much growing up and I managed to hold onto the copy I used to read, so when I have kids there won’t be any censorship in our house --the book’s main character is not wearing pants throughout a lot of the pictures and there’s been quite a lot of controversy about it as far as I’ve heard. It’s interesting to think that I’ve loved a story about baking (especially cake) since I was so young, but regardless it’s timeless and perfect and I love it.

Greatest childhood memory?
My favorite memory is being in pre

What do you want to do when you grow up?
I don’t want to grow up and I don’t want to do anything! Haha, no, but seriously I’d love to be a photographer, baker, wife, mother, etc… I don’t want to do real work. I don’t like being confined to one space, the same few coworkers, bla bla bla. I have really enjoyed being a housewife so far, taking pictures, cooking up healthy suppers, and spending quality time with our kitties. I could very easily see myself doing the same thing when we have kids… I wouldn’t mind doing a bunch of part time things, teaching pre-school again, working retail for the discount, I’ll do something eventually I’m just not sure what or when…

Dream pet?
Squitten. A squirrel kitten blend would be amazing. The creature would be like a Maine Coon cat, but miniature. It would have a huge bushy tail like a squirrel, it would be small like a squirrel, and in just about every other way it would be like a tiny kitten. Oh how I would love a squitten. Sigh…

Squirrel or kitty?
Kitty. Squirrels are great, they’re cute, they’re funny, they can climb things, jump through trees, but somehow I think if I ever did catch one it would RUIN my house, be a complete terror and generally not be as snuggly as I would like. So I’m going to say kitty, definitely. Unless there’s a squitten, and I think that would count!

Favorite chef?
Thomas Keller is an inspiration to me, as is Alice Waters. I would love the ability to create magical, edible creations with perfect fresh ingredients. I succeed with slow cooked foods, things where I can toss random amounts of my ingredients in, until things look right. I would love to be able to create recipes that yield perfect results, that I don’t repeat to excess, and that inspire people to seek out my cooking and pay top dollar to experience my expertise. They have really got it figured out!

What blogs you read?
I’ve read different blogs at different times in my life. I read every single wedding blog I could find while I was planning our wedding. I especially loved,, and
After we got married I realized I had developed quite an addiction to my blogs, but the wedding ones no longer held my interest. I didn’t want to look at other people’s wedding ideas, projects, dresses, shoes, and other inspirations and know that I couldn’t use them for my life. It was boring and seemed a bit sad to me. So I moved on and started finding blogs written by women I could relate to, newlyweds, engaged people who moved into new places, etc. I love,, and right now. These women all have babies, which I don’t but they are all sweet, genuine, and love their husbands. It makes me happy to read what they’re up to, and it gives me inspiration for my life

What book are you reading?
I’m reading some trashy chick-lit that isn’t very good. Haha, it’s called Nice to Come Home To by Rebecca Flowers. I found it at the library and it’s taken me forever to get 150 pages through it, but it is starting to pick up a little. Since I didn’t buy it I don’t care if it’d mediocre. I’ll find a new book soon, and then this one will quickly fade into a distant memory, and then I’ll probably forget it ever existed, haha!

Favorite food?
Chocolate. Chocolate cake, chocolate brownies, chocolate cookies, chocolate bars, chocolate fondue, oh how I adore chocolate. And there’s going to be a shortage in the not so distant future. I’m heartbroken, but prepared! I bought 10 pounds, and I’m definitely going to be buying more. I cannot live without chocolate.

Magical moment of your wedding?
The entire day? Can I say that? If I had to pick my favorite part of the day I would say it was right after the ceremony. There was a little spot in our garden, just below the reception site, down a tiny flight of stairs that we went to. We walked down the isle and had already agreed to go spend Yichud in our spot. Yichud is a Jewish wedding tradition, or requirement according to some, where the bride and groom go spend a few moments alone together after the ceremony. It was so nice to go somewhere quiet, calm and to be alone and rejoice in our marriage. My husband is such a treasure, and just kept telling me the loveliest things, giving me hugs and kisses and then, when we were ready we rejoined all of our guests for a beautiful little picnic style lunch. Our photographers captured some really beautiful pictures while still letting us have our alone time. I loved our entire wedding, the chaos before and after, being in our tiny park with just a few people, hiring the most amazing photographer who brought along a friend to take even more pictures. We are blessed to have had such a perfect day, and even more blessed to have found one another. I LOVE my husband so much!

Crazy cat lady moment?
I’d have to say when I found out that the stray I’d adopted was pregnant. I found my stupid little girl at a truck stop and had to save her. It was complete chaos having her on our road trip, she had the worst stomach problems and it was awful to have to continually clean up after her. I thought that giardia, some parasites, worms and whatever else she had was bad, until I found out that she was prego. What a nightmare. We had to keep her away from our other kitties for months and they only met each other when we moved and got rid of the kittens. Having 6 cats was fun, the kittens were adorable, but I definitely felt like the craziest of crazy cat ladies!

Any advice?
Don’t pick up stray cats at truck stops while on road trips? I’d have to say the best advice anyone ever gave me was to follow my heart and never settle for less than I deserve. My aunt Rachel is a woman I admire greatly and she was a huge part of me slowly learning to trust my instincts and stop settling for just good enough. Once I really started to value and trust myself my life improved so much and so quickly. My family knows when I’m not happy, not living to my fullest potential and instead of resenting and ignoring them I’ve really started to listen and try to see what I can change. So far I’d have to say it’s worked perfectly! I’m happily married, living comfortably, and far far away from any drama that used to plague me.
So, to reiterate, follow your heart, trust your instincts, never settle for less than you deserve and listen to those who love you.
Thank you so much Dara on sharing recipes and great stories, you can follow her on her blog:And they lived happily ever after