Thursday, December 16, 2010

Places to stay: THE SHADY DELL!!

        If you are ever near Bisbee, Arizona, this is the place to stay. Shady Dell is an inviting, retro trailer homes where you can stay for a couple of days. The Shady Dell has been open since the 1920's and was a very popular place to stay when route 66 and 80 were the golden highways. Bisbee is also a very eclectic town with mining history, museums, and old historic charm.
A 1940s Airstream

Big Pimpin' on a Yaht

I like it because of the pretty lights

Nostalgia at it's finest

Very Earthy makes me want to eat hummus and wear Birkenstock
I have never been to Shady Dell but it is a definite on my bucket list. I have found a bunch of quirky places to visit in Arizona and tend to show you more, if you know any please send me info.

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