Thursday, November 4, 2010

This is Halloween, Halloween!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. This my favorite holiday and this year was amazing, Gabriel could trick or treat this year (last year he was sick) the Giants won (and won the World Series the next day), and I was with my family and some amazing friends. The neighborhood we went to was good (no one really has the Halloween spirit like I remember). There was this amazing house that had the Hulk, Elvis in the casket, playing the Munsters on the big screen, and the orbs with a talking lady in them. My second favorite house was the Mickey Mouse house with Donald Duck, Mickey, and Goofy shaped pumpkins, some dancing ghost from the Haunted Mansion, and Jack Skellington inside (cute). Gabriel was zooming past us on a sugar high and little Wyatt and Brianna were actually going into people's house like they lived there. Brianna was a penguin (she was walking like one, so it fitted her to a T) and Gabriel was Shark and we were with a couple of swash buckaler's so it was a nautical group.

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